New Baby/Mama Gift Guide

I thought I would share a few of our favourite gifts for those of you who might be expecting or have a friend that is expecting…

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It is true what they say about the second trimester being the best ever! All of a sudden the sickness has gone, your skin looks the best it has in years (perhaps this is due to the lack of alcohol) and you feel like you are on top of the world. Every little movement you feel is brand new and feels as exciting as the last.

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So…2020 has arrived and now we can say our baby will be born this year! Yay! I started taking bump photos super early as I literally had a belly from the day I found out I was pregnant and it has just kept on growing! So much so that we were convinced we had twins in there for the first 12 weeks.

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LE BUMP DIARIES Wow wow wow…it turns out that morning sickness/nausea and exhaustion are truly a real thing in pregnancy!  Naively I always told myself that a mind over matter approach would help me breeze through the early stages of pregnancy and nourishing by...

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When looking for the perfect wellness escape there are two non negotiable checks for b.blank.

  • wholesome ingredients/food that can nourish our body.
  • a sanctuary either in a Spa or Wellness facility where we can move our body every day.
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Easy to prepare and super quick this dish will make the family excited to sit around the table and talk about their day.

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Istanbul is a the sort of city where you have an intoxicating sense of freedom, overwhelmed by all your senses. The city sites, spice bazaar smells and street food/fine cuisine fusion tastes are just a few of the many reasons to immerse yourself into this buzzy eclectic city. As you know I love to travel alone and you can definitely get lost exploring however I think this is one of those places that you will definitely want to share!

I almost feel like one blog post is not enough to do it justices this post is all about where to stay and I have picked my top 3 hotels to share.

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Morning Power Smoothie

I will leave my morning routine for another blog post as that is a whole other talking point but here I wanted to share with you my number one breakfast smoothie that kick starts my day.

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Take me to the beach

Something extraordinary happened to me this year on holiday...I actually managed to pack an organised case with everything I needed and desired to wear! I can only put it down to all the throw outs I did pre holiday, contributing to the super organised...

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The Limewood spa experience

Just under 2 hours from London, Limewood is set in the beautiful new forest. If organic food, outdoor/indoor spas and natural skincare is your thing look no further for the perfect mini break! There is something truly special about Limewood … from the...

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