Something extraordinary happened to me this year on holiday…I actually managed to pack an organised case with everything I needed and desired to wear!

I can only put it down to all the throw outs I did pre holiday, contributing to the super organised wardrobe I now own.

I am now convinced that If you have an organised wardrobe packing is easy!

So… feeling smug I thought I would share with you my holiday faves below.


I always like to make sure when I go away that I have x3 ‘go to’ bikinis, one with thin staps, one that is strapless and one that is more ‘fashion’ so I can alternate tan lines.

I alternated between the white Zimmerman and removable strapped Mango bikini to come home without dodgy tan lines.

The Asos was my fashion piece this year 😉


One piece cossies are very of the moment and such a great excuse to hide the tum after a night of tapas and vino.

I packed x3 this year and I must say I never tend to wear them as much as my bikinis but they are great to have for those days when you need a little extra coverage.

I always take a print, a colour and a neutral to cover all bases.


Every year I go mad and take about 5 pair of sandals on holiday.

I vowed to myself that I would be more savvy with my packing this year and limit myself to 2 or 3 max.

I decided this holiday that the key is to have one that is pool and sand friendly that you don’t mind getting wet and one pair that are a bit more glam that can take you from the beach to lunch and can also be worn with a dress in the evenings.

Here is my pool friendly pair.


Every year without fail I end up burning the top of my head and my scalp so this year in pure determination not to burn I ensured I was fully equipped with the right products … they did not let me down.

I can not recommend the below products enough.

I used the aveda spray every time I got out of the pool or shower, as I have been really trying to keep it in good condition pre-wedding and didn’t want to dry it out.

I used the Heliocare factor 50SPF twice daily and no sight of a burnt forehead yet still had a sun kissed tan… the best thing about this product is that it is oil free and smells like a dream – a real winner and I will definitely be purchasing more from their range.

The Malibu Scalp protector was by sure my best bang for my buck @ only £5.37, I think the factor 30 is even cheaper!!!

I came back from holiday for the first time in forever, with a dandruff free, non-burnt scalp 🙂