Wow wow wow…it turns out that morning sickness/nausea and exhaustion are truly a real thing in pregnancy! 

Naively I always told myself that a mind over matter approach would help me breeze through the early stages of pregnancy and nourishing by body would be my number one priority…

Well I was most definitely and shamefully wrong on all levels!


The reality of morning sickness

After spending week 7 in Spain for a week (feeling fab and sun-kissed) I arrived home at the beginning of week 8 and bang the reality kicked in…

My usual 6.00am wake up time moved to 7.30 (albeit being in bed at 8.00pm)… I woke up everyday absolutely exhausted, feeling like I had only had a few hours sleep when in reality I had had a good 10 hours!!

The moment I moved my head too quickly a rush of sickness came over me (a bit like having the most horrendous hangover) and I spent most of the day feeling like this from morning till noon. Around 2.00pm I felt so exhausted I could take a nap. I was getting the guilt daily for feeling like this and not wanting to eat but a friend said to me….listen to your body it will tell you exactly what it needs. 

It was the best advise and my body did exactly that!

In fact it told me what I wanted so much that one week I was craving cheese everyday and I looked at my day by day pregnancy book and it clearly stated…your body will need more calcium so eat more dairy than usual! So my advise to you is do not feel guilty about sleeping if you need to sleep, eating toast & fruit for weeks on end and craving orange juice in the middle of the night, its all part of this amazing journey your body is taking you and the little bump on. 

Week 9 – 10 Hours sleep!

By week 10 a light switched and I was beginning to feel so thankful to my body for creating the right environment for my baby to grow and then all of a sudden….I woke up … jumped out of bed and felt a million dollars. I know this is NOT the case for everyone and I can only speak from my personal experience but hitting week 10 felt like a real milestone and when we met our little bean at week 12 I had completely forgotten any feelings of sickness like a miracle. 


Although my diet may not have been exactly as on point as I had imagined in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy I made sure my skincare was…switching to only using natural products. (It is all about balance right?!)  

Below I have listed a few products that really saved me in these 10/12 weeks: 

Aveeno Shower Gel … Before I got pregnant I always used this intermittently but have made it a everyday ritual throwing out anything un-natural. 

Sukin shampoo and conditioner …nothing makes you feel better than the feeling of freshly washed hair and all natural ingredients of course!

Herbivore rose daily moisturiser – part of my daily ritual is spending 2 minutes in the morning rubbing this into my face. 

Fresh Soy Gel Cleanser – I can not recommend this gel cleanser more! I have always been a lover or Elemis collagen cleanse but since switching to all natural is is my new favourite go to for getting rid of every last trace of make up. 

Le bump diary will continue xoxo