It is true what they say about the second trimester being the best ever! All of a sudden the sickness has gone, your skin looks the best it has in years (perhaps this is due to the lack of alcohol) and you feel like you are on top of the world. Every little movement you feel is brand new and feels as exciting as the last.

After weeks of only being able to eat bland food it felt so nice to suddenly crave broccoli and greens again. I felt like I was back to being me again…I almost think that these two opposing parts of pregnancy are preparing you for how you might feel once the baby is born…the initial weeks extremely tough and demanding on your body, giving every single ounce of energy you have to your newborn and then a turning point when you start to get a little more sleep, wake up feeling a bit more refreshed and want to look after yourself again a bit more.

2nd Trimester Lunches

The way I knew I was feeling myself again was because I couldn’t wait to start a new skincare routine.

I have become utterly obsessed about what I am putting on my skin and hair during pregnancy and have really tried to steer away from toxic products. Keeping it as natural as possible…almost back to basics. See below the four products I have religiously been using in the shower.

My go to shower products

2 cleansers…my trusty dermologica special gel cleanse (I have been using this for about 10 years since I first started using skincare when I had spotty polluted London skin) and then the beautiful soy cleanser from Fresh Beauty.

Fresh beauty has since become my favourite brand for more natural skincare.

Fresh Beauty – Soy Face Cleanser

In addition to the face I have stuck to Aveeno shower gel. A friend who works in the medical profession once told me that you should never use anything fragranced to wash yourself with as it can really disrupt your PH imbalance down below and cause all the nasties…thrush…cystitus etc. Since then I have solely used aveeno when washing. Then finally the Senspa shampoo from Waitrose which is 97% natural, vegan and organic. It also only costs £4.00 a bottle! After using expensive sulphate and paraben free shampoos for years I discovered this and let me tell you my hair has never felt better.

Hope you enjoy these products too!